Updated: February 16, 2024

Best Moves to Eliminate Pain and Move Right

LPF – COACH ROZY – The Right Moves Poster

Coach Rozy is excited to present to the ARDMS on how to LIVE PAIN FREE.  For a free THE RIGHT MOVES – just click on the link above and print off your THE RIGHT MOVES “Movement Tips to Remember”. 

Easier movements are at the top, as you move down the chart, the exercises might be a little more difficult or require some equipment.

For any questions – please reach out to Coach at  

FOR THOSE INTERESTED IN BEING PART OF THE “CLIMBERS CLUB” – and taking part in the Development of THE RIGHT MOVES On-Line.  Reach out to Coach Rozy and he will get you information.  Those interested in taking part in the program need to be able to dedicate 20 minutes, 3x a week to a movement program, be willing to give feedback on the program and take part in a group chat, which will be held on Wednesday nights each week.  We ask that participants commit to at least a minimum of 2 Wednesday sessions a month, with hopes they can make each one.  The program will run from start date of April 29 to July 19, 2024; 10 weeks, with a WRAP UP EVENT the week of July 22-26, 2024.  

Those entering into the program, and wishing to stay as part of the ORIGINAL CLIMBERS CLUB GROUP – will be offered benefits of using the program moving forward as Founder Members of the group, discounts to events, workshops, webinars and other events we will be holding throughout the year and be the first to be part of others programs that we’ll be offering, from nutrition, to education and hands on workshops – as well as a drawing to have Coach Rozy come to work with you one on one for a 3 day training session.  

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