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Mark “Coach Rozy” Roozen


We’re only into the first part of 2022 and I have friends telling me their just “tired”, “fatigued” and “worn down”!  January isn’t even close to over – and we’re in a sad state if we’re tired all the time.

I’m going to give you 5 reasons here why you might be tired – and not just tired; tired is when you can get that taken care of by one or two good nights sleep.  I’m talking about the constant feeling of exhaustion, lack of energy and no punch in your step.

I also want to talk about what to do about it – and how you should be keeping an eye on your MEDS each day.  I’m not talking medication that you get from your doctor either!  So read on and lets stoke the fire and get you rolling.


  1. DIET

A good diet can help energize the body.   the energy you need for your day and the nutrients you need for health and vitality.

A balanced diet is built around vegetables and grains, with regular servings of fruit, dairy and meat. This provides the nutrients your body needs.



Exercising regularly and being fit is essential for the function of the body and mind, and to boost energy levels. Exercise also reduces stress.

It’s hard to find the motivation to exercise when you’re tired. But dragging yourself out for a walk, a jog or a bike ride could be just the thing you need to increase your energy levels. 

It’s counter-intuitive but it works.  A 20 minute walk 3x a week and 2 days of resistance training for a few minutes each week is a great place to start.  Or come try one of Coach Rozy’s Bootcamps to get you on track – and find a community to help you for support.


This seems like stating the obvious but poor sleep will definitely make you tired!

It’s easy to think of sleep as something that just happens but, in fact, your sleep quality is influenced by the way you live. 

Your odds of a deep rest improve if you form good sleep habits:

  • Having a regular bedtime, as this helps your body to anticipate sleep
  • Keeping your bed for sleep and sex, not for watching Netflix or working on your laptop 
  • Giving yourself some time to relax before you go to bed by stopping work, turning off screens and doing something restful like reading or having a bath
  • Avoiding alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes as they all disrupt your sleep 
  • Getting up at roughly the same time each day and resisting the urge to nap 


Stress can drain your energy tank. Tense muscles, lethargy, difficulty concentrating, whirring thoughts, disturbed sleep and deep tiredness are all outcomes of chronic stress.

Right now, we’re emerging from the intense phase of a global pandemic. That’s caused a great deal of stress for many people. Your stress may also be about your job, your family or a big life change.

We’ll talk about MEDS here in a minute – and the “M” can help with stress and bringing down your tension.


If you’re eating well, exercising regularly, and sleeping pretty well most of the time but you’re still feeling worn out, then it’s time to talk to your GP. 

There could be some medical conditions that you have to address.  Some of these could include:

  • Diabetes – A group of diseases that result in high blood glucose levels
  • Sleep Apnoea – causes disruption to breathing during sleep, up to hundreds of times per night
  • Thyroid Disease – can cause tiredness and sluggishness, or anxiety and sleep issues – all of which can cause daytime fatigue
  • Anaemia – low levels of iron in the blood
  • Food Intolerance – fatigue may be an early symptom of food intolerance, such as coeliac disease
  • Being Overweight/Underweight – the body can’t function properly when it is not a healthy weight.

So what can we do about it?  We can make sure we get our MEDS each day. Again, these are different than the meds that you might get from a Doctor when you address #5.  The MEDS I’m talking about are to address your Mind – Exercise – Diet and Sleep each day.  When we take care of the MEDS, we check off the boxes above that may be causing us to be tired, worn down and out and can help us re-boot, re-charge and attack each day with high energy and a sharp mind.  

Remember – if something, or lack of something is the cause of something in my life – I need to CHANGE that something.  Maybe it’s adding on; get more exercise (or start to exercise), change up what I’m eating (drop the sugar and simple carbs), add a few more minutes of sleep each day (start off by just adding a few minutes each night until you get an extra 30 or 45 minutes built up), and start to do something each day for your mind; mediation, reading, finding some quiet time for you to let your mind, body and spirit connect.

Doing small things, getting your MEDS in each day, can help you find the power and energy to ELEVATE U in 2022 to the best year ever!

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