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Updated: May 4, 2018
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Before we dive into the details, we want you to think about this analogy.

You want a hamburger. There is a $1 option from McDonalds or a $10 hamburger at your local 4-star restaurant. They’re both hamburgers right? What is quality worth to you? What would you choose?

Our system is much different than your “typical” summer strength training programs at your local high school.

We are NOT sport coaches….

We are NOT the local personal trainer….

We are NOT weight room supervisors….

We ARE athletic performance specialists that have dedicated our careers to coaching kids to reach their maximal athletic abilities.


Parents/Coaches: “Why not do the $50 summer program with the local football coach?”


(1) Certifications, Educations, and Qualifications

ALL of our locations are lead by a performance coach that holds a MASTER’S DEGREE in a related field.

Our assistant coaches are either currently pursuing a degree in a related field of study, completed a 3-month internship with us, or have been extensively trained in our system.

(2) You are getting more than a “weight room lifeguard”

We DO NOT write workouts on a whiteboard and sit back and watch athletes workout. From the second the athletes arrive until the second they leave, athletes are getting coached.

This is a controlled environment like any collegiate or professional level strength & conditioning program. We make sure that every movement is coached with the correct technique and progressed at the level of each individual athlete.

Our policy is that we have 1 coach per 15-20 athletes depending on age levels.

(3) Our program works

Our athletes get stronger, faster, and more durable. We track our their performance to ensure that we are always improving.

The age of specialized, high-performance athletic development is upon us and we are here to bring that to rural communities!

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