Updated: September 26, 2018

Pallof Press Walkout is a great exercise to build functional core strength. Unlike “ab crunches”, this is how we build TOTAL core strength.

The band wants to rotate the body in the direction that it’s anchored. Therefor, the challenge is maintaining the correct position. Much like the conditions we meet in sport or everyday life, forces come from different directions. We replicate those conditions with this exercise.

The three major goals of this exercise:

SUPPORT THE STRUCTURE – Think about a big semi-truck. The size, weight, and power of that vehicle needs a strong chassis to maximize its’ efficiency and durability. The core is our chassis. We NEED to keep it strong to maximize our performance.

– BE IMMOVABLE – When being pushed and pulled, maintaining a strong base and staying stable when resistance is added is what we encounter everyday.

– CREATE WHIP – With rotational athletes, core stability is important for creating rotational speed. A strong core = less energy leaks = better transfer of power from the ground up!


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