Sample Program for Explosive Power

Updated: December 1, 2017

Explosive power is one of the most important attributes for most great athletes, but training explosive power can be tricky! It is much more complicating then doing 3 sets of 10 repetitions in the bench press, back squat, and bicep curls. There is some science involved!

The 3 factors of EXPLOSIVENESS

Strength (Force)

Definition: The total amount of force that an athlete is able to apply.

How to Maximize: Move heavy loads at low speeds.

Programming Example: Back Squat – 4×5 @ 85% 1RM – 3 Minute Rest

Speed (Velocity)

Definition: The rate that an athlete moves.

How to Maximize: Move light loads at maximum speeds.

Exercise Example: Hurdle Jumps – 4×5 – 1 Minute Rest


Definition: This is a product of  both strength and speed, and it is the MOST important factor!

How to Maximize: Move varying loads at varying speeds

Exercise Example: Trap Bar Squat Jumps – 5×3 @ 50% Bodyweight – 2 Minute Rest


An athlete cannot maximize power without being strong. On the flipside, they also cannot maximize power without being fast. Programming a workout plan for explosiveness is about training athletes to move different loads at different speeds in different ranges of motion.


Sample: Week 1 – Day 4 – Off-Season

This sample is WEEK 1/DAY 4 of a 3-week program we are currently using with our athletes to build explosive power for their upcoming track & field seasons.


A] TRX Squat & Shoulder Complex

B] Dynamic Warm-Up #1

C] Quadruped Hip Complex


A] Med Ball Slams – 3X6

B] Overhead Granny Med Ball Throws – 4X3

C] Continuous Alternating Med Ball Hip Tosses – 3X8ea

Strength & Power

A1] 50% Bodyweight Trap Bar Jumps – |1 x 5|1 x 4|1 x 3|1 x 2|1 x 1|

A2] Hurdle Jumps – |1 x 1|1 x 2|1 x 3|1 x 4|1 x 5|

B1] Squat – |1 x 10|2 x 8|1 x 6|

B2] 3pt DB Row – |4 x 8ea|

C1] Landmine Split Squat – |3 x 8ea|

C2] Pull-Ups – |3 x 10|

D1] Barbell Roll-Outs – |2 x 10|

D2] Banded Anti-Rotational Press – |2 x 10ea|


Other Considerations

[1] Never avoid the warm-up! Our warm-ups include many different mobility and flexibility drills that are essential to injury prevention.


[2] Take rest. 3 x 6 medicine ball slams means perform 6 repetitions and rest, NOT do 18 repetitions in a row. The goal is speed not sweat! Don’t let fatigue diminish speed.


[3] For every push, there should be a pull. Have you seen the guy at the gym with shoulders rolled forward like a caveman? That is because he does bench press every day and never develops “posterior postural muscles”.


We do offer the entire 3-week program. Contact us if you are interested!

If you are curious about or online programming, ask us about setting up a program for any fitness goals!

If you have any questions about our programming or exercises, then leave us a comment or send us a message. We love to hear your input.

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