Why You Need In-Season Training!

Updated: December 8, 2017

In-Season Training

Basketball season is here! For players that who don’t participate in a Fall sport, this is what they have been training for during their off-season. BUT, for those multi-sport athletes who just finished up a rigorous Fall season, there was no off-season. This means there is a continuous decline in strength, conditioning, and nervous system function that they worked so hard for during the summer months. So, how do you prevent this….? In-Season Training!

In-season strength & conditioning programs are the future of high performance athletes. Most people hear the term “strength & conditioning” and think of heavy squats and heavy bench presses. This is FAR from the truth.

in-season training


The two major goals of an in-season program are INJURY PREVENTION and STRENGTH & POWER MAINTENANCE.

The most common response we get from parents and coaches is, “there’s not enough time.” Our answer is very simple….”find it”.

in-season training

Think about it like this…..

What if instead of an athlete shooting jump shots for a half hour to MAYBE increase their shooting percentage by 1%, they do a 30 min in-season workout?

(1) We maintain or increase their vertical jump to 28” instead of watching it fall to 26”.

(2) We build their core strength, mobility, and motor control.

(3) We do specific drills to increase their agility.


(1) The athlete can jump higher for rebounds OR elevate over defenders.

(2) Have a MUCH LESS chance of suffering a catastrophic injury.

(3) Have better agility for creating space on offense OR becoming a better on-ball defender.

What sounds like a better use of time?

Jump Shot Development OR Athletic Development?

In-Season Training Guidelines

  • 2-3 Workouts per Week
  • 30-45 Minutes per Workout
  • See Our Sample Workout Below

in-season training


Here is a 1-day sample of a pre-practice in-season program that we would use with any of our teams.

Warm-Up (13 minutes):

Multidirectional Line Hops – 10-15 yards of each drill

Dynamic Stretches – 6-8 stretches

Lower Body Mini-Band Activation – 10-20 reps of each drill

Upper-Body Mini-Band Activation – 10-20 reps of each drill

5-Position Squat Hip Mobility – 5 rounds

Plyometrics (7 minutes):

Pop-Ups – 2×10

Broad Jump to Vertical Jump – 2×6

Linear to Lateral Bounds – 2×5 each side

Strength & Power (10 minutes):

DB Squat Jumps – 3×6

Stability Ball Hamstring Curls – 3×10

Anterior Banded Shoulder Press – 3×12

Front Plank with Lateral Toe Touches – 3×10 each

in-season traininig

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