Training To Be ELITE or AVERAGE?

Updated: October 19, 2018

First of all, the idea that strength & conditioning is more time “beating down” athletes is outdated and false. Instead, training needs to be looked at as hitting the reboot button.

Most kids coming out of a sport-season are EXTREMELY out of shape and weak. Practicing for a sport DOES NOT get you in shape, it DOES NOT get you stronger, and it DOES NOT get you faster. Sport is what beats athletes down! Strength & conditioning is what builds them back up!


The Average Approach

Looking at this as a vacation

“I just need some time off”…… Time to do what?….Let yourself break down even more? STOP thinking that a strength program is meant to “crush” you every day. You wouldn’t take a kid coming off of their season and put them through the worst workouts they’ve ever had. That time should be spent correcting movement patterns, building core strength, and slowly adding in work capacity. The next step would be to begin building maximum strength, speed, and power.

The Elite Approach

Looking at this as an opportunity

“When do we get to start training!?!?”… These are the athletes that saw their vertical jump increase by 2”, their 40-yard dash drop 0.1, and their squat max go up 30 pounds. These athletes don’t need to be talked into doing that again. They understand the opportunity to make those gains in the summer, those gains between fall and winter, and those gains between winter and spring. Imagine sticking with that pattern for 6 years (7-12th grade)!!!


The Average Approach

This athlete shows up because they feel like that is what they are “suppose” to do. This athlete works hard when they’re there, but they don’t do anything outside the gym to help prepare themselves for the next workout. This athlete thinks being tired is a valid excuse for missing workouts.

The Elite Approach

They aren’t there because they are “suppose” to be. They know that is where they “HAVE” to be to be great. This athlete tries to out-work everyone in the gym, BUT they are also paying attention to what they are eating, how much sleep they are getting, and nursing any bumps or bruises they have. Finally, elite athletes can’t shake the idea that their competition is working harder than them and they use that as fuel to show up EVERY DAY!

Wrapping It Up

This is not meant to attack people that are okay being average. The goal of this blog is to simply point out the major characteristics that separates average athletes and great athletes!

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