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 Coach Rozy Performance Training Facility:                                                                                                    

Ruth Donohue First Dakota Fieldhouse        

Mt. Marty University Campus                        

1105 W. 8th St                                                 

Yankton, SD 57078

Call – 817-219-29811 or email Coach Rozy at

  • Coach Rozy Performance is located in the new MMU Field House on the west side of campus.
  • For easy access, as you come into the parking lot of the Ruth Donohue First Dakota Fieldhouse, drive toward the west end of the parking lot.
  • As you drive toward the west end you will see an AVERA sign above the door and a Coach Rozy – Powered by AVERA Sports logo on the door.


    • As you enter through the doors, Coach Rozy Performance will be to the left.
    • Enter and be prepared to ELEVATE2GREAT!
  • Phone: 817-219-2811; Coach Rozy Cell   605-655-1140; Facility Phone