THE CHAMPION ZONE –                                                HOW TO BECOME A CHAMPION

Introduction – THE CHAMPION ZONE

Coach Rozy’s Jr. Program – Movement Skills for Life-INTRODUCTION TO PROGRAM


Coach Rozy’s Jr. Program – Movement Skills for Life-ZONE #1 – WHAT IS A CHAMPION

 Coach Rozy’s Jr. Program – Movement Skills for Life-Zone #3

Coach Rozy’s Jr. Program – Movement Skills for Life – Chapter 7 PDF



CORONAVIRUS guide for elevation nation-2

This guide is not intended to take the place of medical advice – but is a simple way to navigate the through guidelines during these times of keeping safe, healthy and fit.


Print Off 6 Sheets Below

The Rotator Cuff Program is 12 exercises that will help build up strength in the shoulder complex; working infraspinatus, RC Complex, RC, Deltoids, Pec Major, Subscapularis, Supraspnatus.  Start off with 1 round; doing each exercise 8-10 Reps.  * REMEMBER – FORM IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN WEIGHT BEING USED!  Never “cheat” to get through the program; cut back on weight, reps and density of the session if needed.



Coach Rozy Rotator Cuff Program – Page 1

Coach Rozy Rotator Cuff Program – Page 2

Coach Rozy Rotator Cuff Program – Page 3

Coach Rozy Rotator Cuff Program – Page 4

Coach Rozy Rotator Cuff Program – Page 5

Coach Rozy Rotator Cuff Program – Page 6


The Right Moves – Coach Rozy – March 2020

*Quality of Printing may not be the best.  Coach Rozy can send you a clear copy if you have problems reading this one.  Email Coach at

COACH ROZY Bike conditioning program’s 2019



Foods for Improving Sports Performance Poster


Coach Rozy Performance offers a poster that can be hung up to give some basic information on some of the foods that you can take in to improve performance.  Based for athletes, it can be used for anyone looking to improve to their peak level of performance.

Coach Rozy Super Chest & Super Leg Circuit

The SUPER CHEST CIRCUIT is a protocol which is a    favorite with our football players to keep their “225 lb bench to failure” at over 30 reps; without even using the bench press exercise for training.

The SUPER LEG CIRCUIT is a body weight lower body (leg) movement protocol which we use as an indicator to make sure our athletes lower body structure is ready for sport and practice. We build up to 5 sets/ rounds as a progression. This can be used as a workout or as a test. We know if our players can do this – they can handle the work we ask them to do during the season.

• Once mastered, this protocol should take about 90 seconds per round, with a 2 minute break between sets for a total of 5 sets

Coach Rozy Plus Set Adjustment Formula

This PDF can be used to see how much a person should be doing on their next workout based off of TO FAILURE WORK on their current workout.


Auto-Regulated Resistance Training

Intensity and volume are important acute resistance training variables. Resistance training intensity based upon a percentage of an individual’s 1RM may fail to consider an athlete’s conditional, day-to-day training readiness. The use of various progressive auto-regulated resistance training protocols has been suggested. Recent advances in the monitoring of movement velocity may optimize the use of auto-regulated resistance training. By matching established acute resistance training variables (e.g., repetitions, sets, recovery time, etc) to specific movement velocities, the S&C practitioner can optimize resistance training intensity and objectively identify the onset of neuromuscular fatigue. Monitoring of movement velocity provides real-time, performance feedback, which may enhance neurological adaptations to resistance training and improve an athlete’s motivation to apply consistent maximal effort.

Coach Rozy GoalSheet_for_BlockOLife

This PDF from Coach Rozy was to him by good friend and co-owner of 911 Tactical Performance – Coach John Hofman.  Coach Hofman was an Olympic Rower and trained at the highest level.  He now trains first responders and others to achieve top levels of performance.  One of his keys to his and others success sis KNOWING WHERE YOU WANT TO GO – and the Goal Sheet for Block of Life is a key.

Coach Rozy Training_Log

This PDF is also from Coach Rozy’s friend Coach John Hofman.  It gives those training a great way to track training days – and not just WHAT you are doing the some of the WHY’s of how your training is going; from sleep patterns, to fatigue levels and other vital information to track as you train.

Relative Intensity Chart

The Relative Intensity Chart is a guide to follow of how many reps you should be able to do at a given percentage for that work bout.  Helps to determine max’s based on number of reps achieved during a workout.


Charles Ab’s is a series of 16 exercises/movements to work the core. Each exercise is done for 10 reps – or a total of 160 movements. As soon as you are done with one exercise – move right into the next exercise on the list. The goal is to not put your feet on the ground – except for the 2 movements that require you to have your feet on the floor. The rest of the time – maintain your feet off the ground and work to keep moving.

12 Week SAQ Plyo Breakdown – Coach Rozy TRAINING – WINTER 2018

This is a guideline and sample of one of our 12 week plyo programs we use for general development.  This model can change up based on the group we are working with – but we feel it shows the pattern and progression that can be used *NOT ALL EXERCISES ARE DONE EACH DAY!  We break the workouts down in to 2x or 3x a week; and add or subtract number of exercises based on our total work we are looking for our groups to do.

Coach Rozy Weight Workout Template Group B

This form is a sample template of what we use for out athletes and groups to track workouts.  We have the ability to write in what we want them to do with exercises, workloads, sets and reps and also give additional information or coaching tips.


This PDF give you a great handout to keep for yourself or share with friends.  Gives you 10 reasons to keep hydrated, and how much water you should be taking in each day!


This PDF gives some general information to help with recovery after practice or a workout and ways to help regenerate the body back to high levels of performance by using Cold Bath, Contrast Shower or Contrast Tubs.  Step by Step guide help you feel great and play your best.

Infographics – Coach Rozy’s 5 R’s of Recovery

We also have our Infographic on our “5 R’s of RECOVERY” which shows to Relax, Restore, Repair, Rehydrate and Reset!


HERE IS OUR WEEKLY RECOVERY PROGRAM TEMPLATE which helps you lay out your weekly plan to implement recovery strategies.

Weekly Recovery Program Template

dynamic warm-up #1

This is our Basic Warm-Up we use for a good movement prep before regular activity.

Coach Rozy Dynamic Warm-Up #3

This warm up we use for movement prep before we start our Speed-Agility & Quickness Sessions.

Coach Rozy Dynamic Warm-Up #4

This movement prep is a good change up to our Basic Warm-Up.  When our groups start to “do the warm-up exercise before we even say what the next movement is – it’s time for a change”.  We alway want to make sure that we are using the warm-up time for just that – GETTING READY FOR ACTIVITY.  When it becomes routine, boring or effort is decreasing, we change things up and find that attention and effort increases.