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Updated: March 7, 2018

Understanding the Mechanics

There are three phases to a muscle contraction or a jump; eccentric, isometric, and concentric. Eccentric loading a controlled lengthening of the primary muscle group. An isometric contraction is the period of stoppage between lengthening and shortening of the primary muscle group. A concentric contraction is the shortening of the primary muscle groups.

Let’s look at this in terms of jumping… The eccentric phase is the downward or loading phase of a jump. The isometric phase of a jump is the 0-velocity point between the downward and upward movement. The concentric phase is the upward movement!


Look at the muscles and tendons as a spring. Let’s say compressing the spring would be like the eccentric (loading) phase. Now, say you have two separate springs; one spring is very hard to compress, and one spring is very easy to compress. Which one will decompress faster?

Simply put – eccentric strength is positively related to vertical jump height!

Most of the “explosive” exercise work with athletes is focused on the concentric (upward) phase. When training to run faster or jump higher, athletes need to train all phases of a muscle contraction.

What’s missing?

The Solution

One of the best tools that may be missing in your program is what we call TEMPO SQUATS. This is not just one single exercise, rather a constant progression of building the strength of your “springs”.

This is a quick 3-week progression for you to squeeze into your program that will help increase speed, power, and strength!

Perform 1A & 1B as one superset. Rest for :90 to :120 seconds between sets

Week 1

1A] 52X Back Squat – 4×5

Preform a 5-second downward phase, 2-second hold at the bottom of the squat, and “X”-plode upwards!

1B] Non-Countermovement Hurdle Jumps – 4×5

Load to the bottom of your jumping position, hold for a 1-second count, jump over the hurdle!

Week 2

1A] 32X Squat – 4×4

Preform a 3-second downward phase, 2-second hold at the bottom of the squat, and “X”-plode upwards!

1B] Countermovement Hurdle Jumps – 4×4

Load and jump with no pause BUT reset your position between each hurdle.

Week 3

A] 12X Squat – 4×3

Preform a 1-second downward phase, 2-second hold at the bottom of the squat, and “X”-plode upwards!

B] Continuous Hurdle Jumps – 4×3

Load and jump over each hurdle in a consecutive fashion.



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