Coach Rozy’s Motivational Monday: 8 Tips to Push Yourself Up the Mountain of Success

Updated: February 28, 2016

Coach Rozy’s Motivational Monday:
8 Tips to Push Yourself Up the Mountain of Success

At Coach Rozy Performance – our goal is not just get you on track for your physical well-being – but for you to reach your peak performance in all areas; mental, spiritual, emotional, social and of course, the physical areas of your life.

The 8 Tips below are a to-do list that will get you pulled out of the mud hole if you are stuck, fire you up and get you moving, help you with sticking to those goals you set back 2 months ago and even helping you make new ones. It’s made up of 8 tips and tricks that can do right now to boost your productivity, mood and confidence, ways to improve yourself, to be a better you and have a better life.

Ready? Let’s get started!


lets get moving

1. Get Moving
Create a workout plan that fits you, and commit to it throughout the new month. Don’t make it so hard and stretch your time so much that you can’t realistically do it. Be real – and make your self a deal that you’ll get it done.


2. Quit Your Whinin’whiningFor the rest of the day, try not to complain. Focus on staying positive and appreciating what you have. Then, if you can do it one day – think of doing it for the full week; but start with just today.



measure up

3. Measure Up
Before you leave work this today, write down check points you can use to track your progress. These indicators will keep you accountable for reaching your objectives. Jim Roan use to say, if you can’t measure it, don’t do it.


chit chat

4. Chitchat
By the end of the week, catch up with three friends you haven’t talked to in a while. See how these conversations can improve your mood, boost your energy and make your week more positive.


tick tock

5. Ticktock
Starting now, track how you’re spending your time. Then try to find ways you can increase your productivity by making better use of those minutes each day. We so often say we’re “to busy” – but when you block off your time and schedule – you find that much of your time is spent looking ahead to what has to be done during the day, instead of using that time to get things done.

small talk

6. No Small Talk
Tomorrow morning, skip your water cooler talk and get a head start on your day by making your first hour at work as productive as possible. Try to get up 15 minutes earlier and go to be 15 minutes later (if you’re getting good sleep now). An extra 30 minutes a day will give you an extra week a year to use for getting things down.


speak up

7. Speak Up
Start saying your goals out loud. This way, you’ll be more likely to manifest your dreams. Begin this habit today. Write them out and put them in a coupe places; your mirror where you see them in the morning, someplace in your car where you can see them on the way to work and coming back home, in your work space area where you can see them during a break. This one will make a HUGE difference in your life, your thoughts and your positive outlook.

jump the hurdle

8. Jump the Hurdles
What obstacles are stopping you from reaching your goals? Pause immediately to think about ways you can overcome them, and set up a plan to tackle each one. We all have issues that come up – those that find success and keep moving forward face the problem, check the road map to figure out how to detour and keep moving forward.


By following these simple tips and tricks – you can lead of life of success and reaching farther and higher then you ever dreamt possible.

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