Updated: January 21, 2016


Mark “Coach Rozy” Roozen

Over the next 10 weeks – here at Coach Rozy’s FRIDAY FIT TIP Blog, we’ll be hitting on the 10 hottest trends for 2016. The #1 Hot Fitness Trend for 2016 the experts say will be WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY.

What I find funny is that because of advancements in technology, we are in bad physical shape and have more structure problems then ever before; heads pushed forward, slouching over our phones, tablets or other devices, skipping a training session to watch a movie on our computer.

What’s great is that now we can hopefully use that same technology to bring us back to a healthier version of ourselves. Fitness trackers have completely changed the way we work out. Now, instead of needing to log into our computers – or heaven forbid write something on paper with a pen – logging your miles you put in, keeping track of the sets and reps you completed in the weight room, and calories eaten during meals can be done by simply strapping on a wearable and forgetting about it. You can then scroll through your data whenever you have a second, download it, track it and see how your training is going.

The bad thing with the ease of technology is that when we take a less active role in tracking our activity, the less we think about how much you’re moving—and the less inspired you are to move more.
Some fitness experts bring up the downside of this technology. One source had this to say, “Fitness wearables give you a lot of data about your habits, without actually giving you any beneficial advice when you need it—at that exact moment”. In other words, while you might have a goal to stand up more often during the day when you notice you’ve fallen short of your step goal, there’s a good chance that you won’t consciously remember that pledge when you’re sitting in your desk chair, all wrapped up in your work. And in that instance, just having a tracker strapped to your wrist is no help.

Because of those situations, that the future holds for wearable technology has exercisers being able to get more than just data. Folks are starting to develop devices that can track our habits, interpret them, and give us in-the-moment feedback that will help us change our bad habits, boost our good habits, and generally take our wellness to the next level. The new technology is being called trainables. A trainable is a wearable that accurately gives real time feedback to maximize behavioral or physical change.

An example of a trainable would be the new “UpRight” ($130, To use UpRight, you attach it to your lower back by a single-use adhesive pads. When you slouch, UpRight gently vibrates, reminding you to straighten up. Its simple, but the inventors say the results have been amazing. The company said they hoped to begin to train people to sit up straight in about six to eight weeks. But within a week, the folks testing the Upright reported that their awareness of their own posture increased, and within three weeks, they all reported being able to maintain an upright posture almost unconsciously. The best part: UpRight is only meant to be worn for about five minutes to an hour a day. So you don’t need to wear it all day long.

This is just the beginning. Technology is advancing and has reached a point that it can make our training more accurate and effortless than ever before. With more advancements and more ways to re-enforce what we need to do to make positive changes – the new technology will provide even more incentive to change.

Check in next week when we look at HOT TREND #2 – BODY WEIGHT TRAINING.

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