Updated: May 3, 2016

“100% is EASY – 99% is HARD”

Mark “Coach Rozy” Roozen

I was just at a conference this weekend in Phoenix, AZ. The presenter who put on the conference said I quote that hit home to me. The quote he used as, “100% is EASY – 99% is HARD”. I had heard that before, from Jack Canfield, the writer of the CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL books. His quote was, “99% is a BITCH – 100% is EASY”. So to keep things “G” Rated – I’ll go with my guys way of saying it!

But it really doesn’t matter which one you like best. I just know, to me it was genius, really. And it is 100% true.

99% might just be the hardest place you can possibly live. 99% will kill you. 99% will make you wonder what you are doing and why things are so hard with the end result is failing over and over again.

Let me give you an example. Many of you know that I “Give Up” something each year on my birthday – actually the last few years I’ve given up 3 things. The past year it was pizza, ice tea and beef! For me, giving those items up completely was so easy. It really was. What’s hard for me is to say, “I’m only going to eat pizza once in a while”. With that thought process, anytime I’m in a spot to have pizza, guess what? I have pizza, and not just a slice, but I HAVE PIZZA. When I make that total commitment – 100% in – with no wiggle room – it makes it easy. When things come up to have to make a choice – THERE IS NO CHOICE – I’ve already chosen what path I’m taking back on November 11 (my birthday). It’s when I’m in at 99% when things are hard. With 1% wiggle room, I can still have a question in my mind every single day about whether or not I’m really committed to reaching my goal. Have you been there? You make yourself decide again, and again, and again whether you are REALLY going to “Do It”. It’s agony. It’s exhausting. It’s impossible.


And chances are there will be a moment, likely a moment every day–or even several moments a day where you are tired, or distracted, that you will ask yourself again if you are going to do it and that little voice in your head says Nah. That little voice says “I’m tired” or “I deserve to sleep in today” or “I deserve to eat this piece of cake”. It says “I can take just one day off”. It says “this one time won’t hurt me”.

And I am here to tell you 100% is a BREEZE. It is so much easier to just do what I set my mind to. It has been decided. I don’t even have to think about it. With my goals in place – there is not even a question. It has been decided. No matter where I’m at, who I’m with or what the situation is – I’ve already made the choice – because I’m 100% in. It is NON-NEGOTIABLE. And the same goes for other things that I give my 100% too. I don’t even ask. I just DO.

This AMAZING idea applies to everything in life. If you are committed at 99% you might as well be committed at 50% or even 20%. It would actually be easier to be mediocre, than to be “almost” fully committed. I can assure you the frustration would be less.
Once this idea really sinks in, there is another important part to the equation. You will begin to ask yourself “How in the world can anyone be 100% in everything you do?” The answer…You can’t! No one can. So here is the important lesson. You MUST get clarity on what you really want in life. Those few things, or even several things, or maybe just THE ONE thing that you really want in life. Then and ONLY THEN can you really achieve the greatness you have been saying that you want. At 100%.

So will  you take the path of least resistance starting today? Will you decide on that thing that is non-negotiable for you, today? Will you stop making yourself make the same decision(s) over and over and over again? Will you stop making Life harder than it has to be? Or will you keep leaving even that 1% open for consideration? And until I got “smacked in the face” again this weekend, I had no idea how huge it really was.

1% is everything. Will you put yourself through the agony of 99% just to let that 1% derail you or will you stop making life so hard and just commit? Finally. 100%.


Start today. What’s YOUR 100%? Please leave a comment below and share your 100%! I’ll be the first and start with mine (beside my three for this year). I’m giving 100% to get to 248 lbs by my birthday! I’ll keep you updated each month to let you know how I’m doing! Help me keep on track – and I’ll tell you – I’m in! 100%

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  1. Karr

    July 26, 2018 at 1:55 am

    Hey Coach Rozy. Good stuff here. Those excuses you list hit home with me, all too common. It’s a great rule if you think about it. It’s taking that last jump to get to the 100% stage that makes it so difficult.

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