MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY: 5 Practical Training Tweaks You Need to Make

Updated: April 25, 2016


5 Practical Training Tweaks

You Need to Make

Mark “Coach Rozy” Roozen, M.Ed,

What if you could make a few small changes in your training and see a big difference?

Maybe there are a few items in your training plan that you could fix, you could add something or cut out something. Doing so can jump-start the process of saving time with your training and even saving some money. All which can help you see advanced changes in your body, help with injury prevention, feeling better while working harder and putting more money in your pocket along the way.

Here are five training-tweaks and ideas that you should look at right now.

1. Review all your workout and training plans from the past.


We do this with our training programs each month. Are we doing to much “pushing” movements and not enough “pulling” movements to maintain body balance and make sure we’re helping to eliminate injury. Are we stuck in a rut with doing the same thing over and over again. Remember, change up your program to change up your body! By reviewing, you can make changes – and sometimes even get rid of movements that are the same, or you are doing to much of. I’ve seen this in a program; bench, incline press, chest flies, chest fly machine, and lat pull. This is doing 4 pushes to one pull. drop 2 of the push movements and add a pull. You just made your program better and saved some time!

2. Cut the supplement spending.


The “newest and best” stuff is sometimes the most expensive and least effective. Cut your supplement budget and use that money for better food choices. We’re not saying that all supplements are a waste of money – but there are a lot on the market that don’t do a whole lot for you. Make sure to check reliable sources (not just info from the company selling the product!) so you can get the “real scoop” on what your taking and not just add “extra scoops” of the latest supplement that doesn’t do anything for you anyway. And remember – a bad diet supplemented is still a bad diet!

3. Add mobility training and stretching into your program.


You may not be warming up, improving your mobility and stretching like you need to. I know a lot of folks that come into the facility and do a few arm swings, reach down and touch their toes and are ready to roll! That isn’t warming up gang! You have to make sure you take time to get the muscles warmed up and ready to go. Make sure you are getting your heart rate up and starting to get a little glow (that’s starting to sweat for you hard core gym rats!). When you have good range of motion and your can do the exercises and movements in the proper pattern, you’ll have a bette workout, you’ll feel better after the workout – and again, you’ll have less injuries and soreness. There are a number of ways to warm-up and different movements to help with moblity. Explore your options! WE CAN HELP YOU AT COACH ROZY – just reach out to us at or call Coach Rozy at 817-219-2811

4. Drop the long slow cardio if you don’t have time.

HITT Training

Check out this Friday’s – FIT TIP: we’ll be talking about long slow trading compared to HITT Training – High Intensity training. What we’ll talk about and show is that if you are short on time – High Intensity Training is the way to go (you also need high motivation because it is HARD!!). Not saying not to go out for a 45-60 minute run if you have the time. But using myself as an example – if I only have 20-30 minutes to get my cardio in – tough to schedule in a long run (and I can’t do long runs any more anyway – with my hips – need another option!) – so I do intervals on the elliptical or do a weight room tabata; and get my heart rate way above my 80%!

5. Take a look at the extracurricular activities.


With all of the actives that a person can be doing; bootcamps, biking, running, swimming, weight training, zumba and so on, it never hurts to examine where you are getting the most bang for your time and money. If you are trying to get the most out of your training time, then find the one or two actives that you like the most and you get the most benefit from. I had a friend that was doing a number of events and activities with no time to really enjoy any of them or put the time and energy in to get the most out of what she was doing. She was more exhausted from running around then getting anything out of her fitness and training program. She complained about her tight time schedule with all the training she was doing plus other activities she had going on. She finally gave up a couple things (which freed up 4-5 hours a week). She was happier, had more time & money and achieved her training and fitness goals faster. By not doing EVERYTHING – she was able to do a FEW THINGS really well – and put in the time, focus and energy that was needed.

Remember, you know your training better than anyone. Take a closer look at how and what you do with it. You may discover something you don’t need or something you don’t benefit from anymore – so you can get rid of. That frees up training time and your energy for other things! But you’ll only discover that if you are on top of your training situation. So get to discovering!

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