Pre-Season Weight Room & Conditioning Program

Updated: August 1, 2019

Summer Training is Over – but You’re Training Isn’t!

We just wrapped up the 2019 Coach Rozy Summer Training program.  We know some sports start in a few days – others won’t be kicking off until another week or two.  YOU CAN’T JUST SIT AND WAIT 2 WEEKS FOR YOUR FALL SPORT TO START!  You need to keep what you gained over the summer – and 2 weeks off won’t cut it!

We’ve attached a simple 2x a week weight room workout and also a 4x a week conditioning program to follow.  If you want to do more than 2x a week in the weight room – simply redo the program; example; want to train 3x a week over the next two weeks; Do Workout A on Monday – Workout B on Wednesday – Workout A on Friday than the next week start with Workout B.  Over the 2 weeks you’ll get each workout in 3x.  If you want to do 4x a week, just do “A” on Monday and Thursday and “B” on Tuesday and Friday as an example.  You can use how you like.  Same goes for the Conditioning workout.


Pre-Season Conditioning Workout


Pre-Season Weight Training Workout

If you have questions, you know we’re here for you!  Make it a great 2 weeks to have an amazing fall!

Coach Rozy

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