September 17, 2017

Updated: September 20, 2017

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FIRST, what would you like to hear from us?
We hope the information that we have been providing has been  helpful and easy to implement with your athletes. We would like your help to ensure that we cover topics that are most valuable to you and your team. Below is a list of topics. Please click on the one that you would like to hear more about and we will cover it in next week’s newsletter. 
  • *|SURVEY: Plyometric/Power Training Tips|*
  • *|SURVEY: Exercises to Reduce the Chances of Head Injuries|*
  • *|SURVEY: Injury Prevention/Stability/Activation Techniques|*
  • *|SURVEY: Mobility/Flexibility|*





~ Coach Rozy Performance Camps ~



Performance camps are one of our many different tools that we offer to help coaches implement elite athlete performance training with their athletes

– Who are they for? –

These camps are done with a group of coaches, parents, athletes, or any combination of those.

 – What Topics Will Be Covered? – 

– Speed/Agility/Quickness
– Power Development
– Strength Training
– Mobility/Stability/Activation
– Energy System Development
– Injury Prevention
– Nutrition

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We are strength and conditioning experts powered by AVERA sports to help young athletes achieve their athletic goals.

We provide information through everything from short Q&A’s to training manual e-books.

We cover a variety of information from basic nutrition and exercise to complex strategies to improve athletic performance.

If you have any questions regarding strength and conditioning, we would love to be your resource. Visit our website and send us an email!




Mark “Coach Rozy” Roozen
Owner – Coach Rozy Performance

– Former Cleveland Browns Strength and Conditioning Coach

– Performance Consultant – Chinese Olympic Team

– 30 Years of Expierence in Strength & Conditioning



Kyle McKelvey
Performance Coach

– Trained Athletes in NFL, NBA, MMA & Other Professional Leagues

– Pan American Games Silver Medalist

– Division I Track & Field Athlete





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