September 24, 2017

Updated: October 12, 2017


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Complex for Total Hip Mobility 
The video below will demonstrate a complex we use with our athletes to:
– Prevent Injury
– Prepare  for Competition/Training
– Improve their Performance
– Decrease Soreness

5-Position Hip Mobility Complex


  1. Stance
    1. Feet slightly wider than shoulder width
  2. Position 1: Toe Touch
    1. Reach hands towards the floor between the legs
  3. Position 2: Squat
    1. Keep hands on the feet
    2. Sit back on the heals
    3. Keep chest up
    4. Use elbows to push the knees apart
  4. Position 3: Spine Rotation
    1. Maintain a proper squat
    2. Reach until the arm is perpendicular to the floor
  5. Position 4: Spine Rotation
    1. Same as position 3
  6. Position 5: Overhead Squat
    1. Reach both arms overhead
    2. Maintain a proper squat
  7. Reset & Repeat
Perform 4-6 rounds. Hold each position for 5-10 seconds. 


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