September 3, 2017

Updated: September 20, 2017

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Try This Medicine Ball Circuit for Explosive Power!

Medicine ball training is a great tool for developing full body power in athletes. These 4 exercises are simple to learn and easy to add to any strength and conditioning program. 

4 Different Throws X 5 Repetitions of Each Throw X 2-3 Rounds

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View Video HERE

  1. Underhand Granny Toss
    • Load the medicine ball between the legs while forcing the hips back
    • Throws the hips and arms forward
    • Throwing forwards for maximum distance


  1. Overhead Granny Toss
    • Load the medicine ball between the legs while forcing the hips back
    • Throw the hips forward and the arms up over the head 
    • Throwing backwards over the head for maximum distance


  1. Kneeling Chest Toss
    • Both knees on the ground while sitting back on the heels with the ball loaded at the chest
    • Throw the hips and arms forward for maximum distance
    • Ending in a modified push-up position


  1. Slams
    • Starting with the medicine ball overhead and standing tall
    • Hinge backwards with the hips and propel the ball straight towards the floor
    • Ending in an athletic stance




View Video HERE




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