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Listen to “Living Well With Coach Rozy” Radio Show each week.

Coach Rozy’s Radio program airs on 106.3 FM Classic Hit and 1570 ESPN Radio on the AM station in the South Dakota Southeast Region.

Join us Saturday mornings at 7:15 am on 106.3 and catch us again on Mondays at 9:00 am on 1570 ESPN Radio.

Each week the show kicks off with Coach Rozy addressing hot topics in training, programing, nutrition, tips to help you train at a higher level, ideas on how to stay inspired & motivated and ways to empower yourself to BE THE BEST YOU!

Then each week, Coach has on some of his friends from around the globe.  Guests are top leaders in the performance, strength, conditioning, nutrition and training business.  The guests that Coach Rozy has on are internationally and nationally recognized or a local expert that share their insight and knowledge with you.

The shows finishes up with a Q&A session where Coach Rozy answers questions from listeners, LIKE YOU,  from around the country that he received by emails and from phone calls.  


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Coach Rozy Radio Show Logo_3_Rivision


Join TEAM ELEVATION – and be part of ELEVATION NATION as you join us each week to take your performance to another level!

Tentative Guests on LIVING WELL WITH COACH ROZY and topics:

October 21st and 23rd:  Elizabeth Volzka – HyVee Dietician; will be discussing quick and healthy ways to eat on the go and doing Halloween Treats this year from a healthier standpoint.

October 28th and 30th:  Joel Raether – Performance Director for Authentic Performance – Denver Colorado and Director of Sports Performance for the Colorado Mammoth Professional InDoor Lacrosse Team.  Coach will be speaking on the topic of youth training and moving young kids up and out of their age bracket.  He will hit not he positive and negatives of this trend we see in athletics.

CHECK BACK – we’ll have updated list for May & June and through the summer months!

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