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Listen to “Living Well With Coach Rozy” Radio Show each week.


Coach Rozy’s Radio program airs on 106.3 FM Classic Hit and 1570 ESPN Radio on the AM station in the South Dakota Southeast Region.

Join us Saturday mornings at 7:15 am on 106.3 and catch us again on Mondays at 9:00 am on 1570 ESPN Radio.

Each week the show kicks off with Coach Rozy addressing hot topics in training, programing, nutrition, tips to help you train at a higher level, ideas on how to stay inspired and motivated and ways to empower yourself to BE THE BEST YOU!

Then each week, Coach has on some of his friends from around the globe that are the top leaders in the performance, strength, conditioning, nutrition and training business.  The guests that Coach Rozy has on are nationally recognized and/or a local expert that share their insight and knowledge with you, the listener.

The shows finishes up with a Q&A session where Coach Rozy answers questions from listeners, LIKE YOU,  from around the country that he received by emails and from your phone call.  

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Coach Rozy Radio Show Logo_3_Rivision


Join us to take your performance to another level.

Tentative Guests on LIVING WELL WITH COACH ROZY and topics:




March 11 & 13 – “5 TRAINING TIPS FOR OPTIMAL BODY COMPOSITION” Looking good isn’t just about “the number of the scale” – but how much body fat you carry, and how you carry it.  This show will give you ways to change how your body looks – how to drop fat – and lean up.

March 18 & 20 – “SUMMER SHAPE UP WORKOUT” – Coach Rozy will go over what to include in your training program to look good in summer wear – or on the beach when you’re not wearing much!

March 25 & 27 – “WHY HORMONES MATTER MORE THAN CALORIES FOR FAT LOSS” – On this program find out how to get control over your hormones – how they affect your insulin levels – and how all this affects your fat loss!

April 1 & 3 – “HOW TO GET A FAST METABOLISM” – How to “turn up your internal furnace” to become a fat burning machine will be the topic of this show.  Tune the dial to 106.3 or 1570 to crank up your thermal dial in your body!

April 8 & 10 – “HOW WOMEN’S METABOLISM DIFFERS FROM MEN’S – AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT”  On this program we give 5 facts that women need to be aware of to lose fat, build muscle and improve performance.

April 15 & 17 – “25 WAYS TO IMPROVE INSULIN SENSITIVITY” – we hammer out a list to give you ways to keep insulin in check – which allows you to CHECK FAT AT THE DOOR; drop it off and be done with it!

April 22 & 24 – “10 PITFALLS TO WEIGHT LOSS” – On this show we tell you the 10 COMMON MISTAKES NOT TO MAKE as you get ready to look your best this summer!

April 29 & May 1 – “9 WAYS TO REDUCE POST-WORKOUT SORENESS” – We know you’re working hard to look great for the summer.  With hard work comes soreness.  We’ll discuss a few tricks of the trade to help you reduce the aches and pains that come with pushing yourself to another level!

CHECK BACK – we’ll have updated list for May and through the summer months!

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