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Listen to “Living Well With Coach Rozy” Radio Show each week.

Coach Rozy’s Radio program airs on 106.3 FM Classic Hit and 1570 ESPN Radio on the AM station in the South Dakota Southeast Region.

Join us Saturday mornings at 7:15 am on 106.3 Classic Hits and catch us again on Mondays at 9:00 am on 1570 ESPN Radio.

Each week the show kicks off with Coach Rozy addressing hot topics in training, programing, nutrition, tips to help you train at a higher level, ideas on how to stay inspired & motivated and ways to empower yourself to BE THE BEST YOU!

Then each week, Coach hits on a topic to help you elevate your performance levels.  He gives his ideas and shares his knowledge or has some of his friends from around the globe at guests on the show.  Guests are top leaders in the performance, strength, conditioning, nutrition and training business.  The guests that Coach Rozy has on are internationally and nationally recognized or a local expert that share their insight and knowledge with you.

The shows finishes up with a Q&A session where Coach Rozy answers questions from listeners, LIKE YOU,  from around the country that he received by emails and from phone calls.  

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Coach Rozy Radio Show Logo_3_Rivision

Join TEAM ELEVATION – and be part of ELEVATION NATION as you join us each week to take your performance to another level!


October 19 & October 21, 2019 –

GUIDELINES FOR TRAINING & CONDITIONING – It’s not just running up and down the court that gets you in shape for your sport.  Are you doing to much conditioning?  Are you training – but not getting the best results.  Join ELEVATION NATION and find out some simple ways to train smart and condition for peak performance.

October 26 & October 28, 2019 –

TRICKS – TIPS – & TREATS ON WAYS TO HELP AVOID HALLOWEEN CANDY TEMPATIONS – HAPPY HALLOWEEN!   We’ll talk about Tips and Tricks (maybe even scare you a little!) to Help Avoid Halloween Candy Temptations.  This show we’ll give you some easy tips to follow that can help you keep the candy and sweets from putting extra pounds and unwanted calories into your diet.  Enjoy the holiday seasons as they approach and find ways to stay on track to finish out the year on a high note!

November 2 and November 4, 2019 –

3 SIMPLE TIPS TO GREATER HEALTH & FITNESS – Improving your fitness can feel like brain surgery at times.  Get sucked in and your surrounded by complex terms, insane diets and crazy training programs.  Keep it Simple.  Join us as Coach Rozy gives you 3 Simple Tips that can help you make the last 8 weeks of the year your best 8 weeks and launch you into the new decade – making 2020 your time to ELEVATE 2 GREAT!

CHECK BACK – we’ll have updated list for July & August and through the fall months!

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