Coach Rozy,

Thank you for your instruction last week (April 2017) at Fort Drum, NY.  It was the most I have learned over a four day period in any Army School that I have been to.  I hope to implement as best I can a program  that makes sense for my Soldiers over the next few weeks.

1/LT Kyle Taylor



Jacob High JumpHere is a pic of my son setting his new PR of 5’6″ last weekend.  He has been doing the exercises you recommended and does not have any leg or hip pain.  He’s able to jump and run hurdles pain free.  It has boosted his confidence and helped him get over his last PR set a year ago.  He out jumped his varsity team mate this week which was a big boost in confidence for him as well.  His form still needs work but his coaches are working on some of that step by step.  He’s learned that hard work including exercise prep and proper rehab leads to gains.

Thanks again!

Reno DiTullio Jr

“Coach Rozy’s knowledge is second to none – he really knows his stuff. His strength and conditioning is top notch. But the key element to me, and most important about Coach Rozy, is his ability to modify his programs depending on your skill level, find the way to motivate you to do the workout at the highest level, and make it fun and have you smile while doing them!
Cody Wilson, Lifestyle Coach


“The quality of strength training I have received from Coach Rozy exceeds that of any other I’ve ever experienced.”
Zach Budden, National Wrestling Champion 


Allison Brown“Coach Rozy is a truly phenomenal trainer. I have achieved great results in such a short time. He is coaching and motivating me to lead an overall healthier lifestyle. I give my highest recommendation for Mark and his training methods. He has helped me – in 4 weeks – get ready for one of the most important days of my life – MY WEDDING!”
Alison Brown, Coach Rozy’s Believe and Achieve Bootcamper



Hazen Bye“It’s been great learning from Coach Rozy, our whole family is involved and all has very different physical capabilities, and we are all challenged in different ways!”
The Hazen Bye Family

“As the head wrestling coach of Vermillion High School, Mark Roozen has taught me numerous skills to enhance our Wrestling Teams overall abilities.”
Hazen Bye – Head Wrestling Coach; Vermillion, SD


Doug Wuebben“As a friend and colleague, I have seen the “Power” that Mark is blessed with, not only in his experience, and presentation abilities, but also his abilities to connect with people and literally change their lives. Presenting with Mark on a national level, I have literally seen him bring people to tears with his power to make people feel better and to give them hope.. He is the “Best of the Best”, it is my distinct honor to be working with him. I am continually amazed and am so very blessed to have the opportunity to be involved with Coach Rozy.”
Doug Wuebben BA, AS, RDCS (Adult and Peds)
National Presenter and Author

Shant“I had the opportunity to attend a training seminar in Southern California with Coach Rozy. I was suffering from an injury sustained during training for an upcoming fight. I asked Coach to help me find a way to train and help with the injury in a short amount of time. Coach Rozy worked his magic and within three days my pain had completely subsided and I was able to resume full training. I won my fight and am very grateful to Coach Rozy for taking care of me. Thanks again Coach!”
Shant Sheklanian

tony-stastny“We have had more than 30 professional speakers come through The Next Level Workshop over the last 2 ½ years. When I recently surveyed our members (who are all business owners) in regards to which speaker they had gotten the most value from, Coach Rozy’s name is at the top of the list!. Personally for me, out of every speaker that we’ve had, your talk on “Getting More From Your 24” impacted me the most. Thanks Coach!
Tony Stastny Air Technologies The Next Level Workshop


Chris Fry“I had the opportunity to work with Coach Rozy during my time with him in the NFL. His knowledge and understanding of the body, movement assessment, and exercise application is unparalled. He has a plethora of sport specific training to give you all the tools needed to perform better on the field.”
Chris Fry, MS, ATC, PES,
Athletic Trainer – University of Indiana



Colt McCoy“Coach Rozy offers the highest quality training, functional programs and workouts – and I got great results from Coach Rozy. He always has me ready to play. Coach Rozy will have you ready to compete at your highest level”
Colt McCoy, NFL Quarterback, Cleveland, San Francisco, Washington



Scott Fujita“As an aging player who was clearly on the back-end of my career, I began working with Coach Rozy at a time when I needed someone who could tailor my training regimen to suit my specific needs. Rozy clearly recognized where my needs & deficiencies were & helped maximize what I had left in the tank. There are few coaches I’ve been around who are so well-versed in not just training the athlete to become bigger/faster/stronger, but who also focus on total health & wellness, and have an expertise in developing functional core strength & flexibility.”
Scott Fujita, 11 Year NFL Player – Dallas, New Orleans, Cleveland