Coach Rozy’s world is training people for performance improvement. From high level athletes, NFL players, Olympians and D-1 athletes of a variety of sports to individuals wanting to function better, live a better life and, plain and simple, not get up each day wondering how they will get through the day without popping pills and rubbing their bodies down with some cream that either heats up, cools down or numbs the areas we don’t want to deal with!

You might be a sonographer working in pain, like Doug Wuebben was before putting Coach Rozy’s exercises into motion. Some reports indicate that nine out of 10 sonographers are doing their job in pain. Coach Rozy has worked with hair stylists, anyone who wants to do their job pain free and continue to do their job pain free. Do not let pain be your motivation for early retirement. Live and work pain free. Let it be your decision of when to leave your profession.

Most people, including sonographers and professional athletes, compensate for one problem by taking its stress and strain and putting it onto another area. We hinder mobility- because if we move one of our building blocks, the whole thing can come tumbling down. We lose stability which over time, can cause the blocks to start tearing down, and we have injury. Our ankle is hurt so it affects our lower back and hips. We don’t take care of our hip problem and it leads to neck and shoulder problems.

The good news is we can change our path. By understanding how we move, how to correct those movements and how to maintain correct movement patterns – we can live a pain free life. Let Coach Rozy and his team get you on a winning path.

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