Daily Lives

Daily LivesCoach Rozy worked as director of operations for a hospital health and wellness center. One day he had a revelation.

“We had some GREAT members at our facility. Folks that would come to the gym, do their program consistently three to four times a week! I mean they would NEVER miss. We had an older gentleman that would come in, do his cardio; walking on the treadmill and ride his bike, then move to do his resistance training! He did this three days a week for two years straight – WITH NEVER MISSING A DAY!

One day I was watching him as he got off the last machine in his resistance training circuit program we had him on, and as he got off the leg extension machine, he grabbed his walker and headed to the locker room!

Train Movement No Muscle

I thought to myself – WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE? WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT! That was the day that changed my life and set me on the path to do something different in the way I helped people live their life.”

This member never missed a workout. After two years he still used a walker. He was following a regimen of training different muscle groups, following progressions to make him stronger, doing stretches to increase flexibility and doing cardio to keep his heart in check.

Better Quality of Life

“We were giving him quantity of life but we weren’t making him live a better quality of life! That’s when I started to look for other ways to train the people I was working with. What I found out after months of searching, talking with other professionals, examining my own philosophy and ideals was that: we need to train movement not muscle.

When we started to implement this type of training, guess what – our friend was able to get rid of his walker, others started to see that the training correctly had an impact on their quality of life! We were able to help folks live better as they lived longer. And that’s what life is all about.”