12 Steps for MAKING IT HAPPEN in 2017

Updated: January 1, 2017


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In his course: Michael Hyatt’s 5 DAYS TO YOUR BEST YEAR EVER, he talks about the process to not just plan it but do it. At Coach Rozy – part of our motto is to NOT JUST DREAM IT – BUT DO IT. Here we go over Michael Hyatt’s 12 steps for making things happen in 2017 – and I wanted to share them with you.

  1.  Get off your “but.” Don’t let your circumstances become an excuse. For example, “I would love to train for a half-marathon BUT ________.”

2. Don’t overthink it. Extensive planning can o en be a fancy way to procrastinate. Instead, get started and you’ll gure out things along the way.

3. Chunk down your goals. In order to reach your goals, you just need to take the next action, then the next. When you think about your goals, break them down into bite-size chunks until you have gone the whole distance.

4. Get it on your calendar. If you’re like most people, if it doesn’t get on your calendar, it doesn’t get done. You won’t accomplish your goals in the le over time, because most of us don’t have any.

5. Honor your commitments. Take your goals seriously. ink of them as your solemn commitment to change and then honor them accordingly.

6. Review your goals and key motivations. You can’t just write goals and motivations. You have to review them and keep them top of mind.

7. Share your goals selectively. We share our goals but not with everyone. Instead, we share them selectively with supportive friends—people who are willing to call us out when we’re making excuses, but people who are supportive of our goals.

8. Maintain forward momentum. Each action you take builds momentum toward your goal. I recommend that you schedule time to work on your goals, possibly rst thing in the morning when you have the smallest chance of getting derailed.

9. Plan for contingencies and obstacles. Obstacles appear. One of the most e ective ways to lower the hurdles is to plan for them in advance.

10. Ask for help if you need it. You don’t have to do it alone. Borrow strength from your community, friends and family.

11. Don’t forget about pivot. Your goals may be sacred, but your strategy shouldn’t be. If we’re committed to our goals, we can confidently pivot on our strategies as o en as we need to hit our targets.

12. Celebrate your wins. If you don’t celebrate your wins along the way, you’ll lose the energy you need to reach the nish line. Make it a point to include those closest to you when you celebrate. is multiplies the meaning of the celebration.

YOU CAN MAKE 2017 YOUR YEAR – just remember it’s not about the goal – it’s about the action you take on the goal that makes all the difference in the world.

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