Coach Rozy Performance has Summer Training for YOU!

Updated: May 12, 2020

Coach Rozy Performance offers a unique way to train this summer – EVEN IF YOU DON’T HAVE A TEAM TO TRAIN WITH – A LOCATION TO TRAIN AT – OR A PROGRAM TO FOLLOW!  Coach Rozy’s Summer 2020 Performance Program.


Each week, you’ll get a 4-Day-a-Week training program right to your phone.  Each workout takes you through a warm-up, movement prep and work to help with speed, agility and mobility, a resistance training program (even if you have NO EQUIPMENT!), a conditioning program to follow – and EACH MOVEMENT & EXERCISE has a video to go with it so you can watch how to do it before you do it.  We also track your progress and update your program each week.

ALSO – you’ll have access to a private GROUP PAGE on Facebook – Yeah, you’ll have to be like an “old person” and set up a Facebook account (or borrow your parents account!).  We’ll have staff from Coach Rozy’s be on the group page and help take you through the workouts a couple days a week.  If you would have questions, need any specific type of training – WE ARE THERE FOR YOU AND CAN HELP DEVELOP THE BEST PROGRAM FOR THE BEST RESULTS.

Contact us at, call Coach Rozy on his cell at 817-219-2811, and print off and fill out the registration form and get sent in to start your program TODAY!


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