Why You Should Improve Your Ankle Mobility; 5 Benefits of Better Ankles

Updated: November 7, 2020

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Why You Should Improve Your Ankle Mobility; 5 Benefits of Better Ankles


Mark “Coach Rozy” Roozen

Any time we have mobility issues, it might not just be a problem for that area or that joint.  Because of body is a total working unit, not just single components working as individual muscles and joints, having a problem in one area can cause problems in other areas and how we move.

We usually start from “the ground up” when we evaluate someone.  if we start wrong – we finish wrong.  This is true as we look at mobility from the ankle to the top of the head.  If we have poor ankle mobility, it can lead to numerous problems in other areas – so it’s vital to have great ankle mobility.

Here are the top 5 reasons for working on motion around the ankle.

1. Decreased Injury Risk

When a person improves his or her ankle mobility, it takes stress off other areas of the body – like the knees, hips and lower back. 

2. Improves Squat Patterns

Squats are a primary movement pattern used daily by all humans, whether just standing up from your couch, or running and jumping if you’re active.  Bad ankle mobility destroys the squatting pattern and can lead to problems


3. Improves Gait

During walking or running the ankle joints have two key roles—dorsiflexion, which is pulling the toes up; and plantaflexion, which is pointing the toes down.  If we can move better through the ankle, we can improve walking stride and running form.

4. Better Lateral Movement

To move sideways quickly, you must be able to use adequate ground reaction force. This is achieved by keeping a solid base between the foot and the ground; but it is very difficult to do if you have low ankle mobility.

5. Better Motor Control

There’s a strong correlation between motor control, balance and ankle mobility. The feet and ankles are crucial for effortless movement and to be able to maintain good form and posture from keeping us from tipping over.

By adding ankle mobility moves into your stretching and mobility program, you’ll see huge benefits down the road when you do your activities and even what you do day to day.  Follow some of these simple exercises to do to help improve how your move your ankles – which helps how you move your body!

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